Frequently asked questions

Will the roller brush damage my floors?

Oreck offers nylon bristles with a unique crimped design, that are safe on all surfaces. The crimped design allows for a wider stroke that picks up more dirt. We also lower the speed to reduce the RPMs of the brush on rugs and smooth floors, all of which protects surfaces.

Does the warranty cover everything?

It covers everything except the consumables we call the B’s: brush roll, bulbs, side brushes, bags (liner), and belt (non-endurolife belt).

What if I move, can we still enjoy free service?

Oreck is one of the few manufacturers that offers you an extensive nationwide network that is who are happy to service your vacuum.

Can I get my bags anywhere?

Oreck bags are available at any My Oreck Store and online at oreck.com.

Will my old bags fit this new vacuum?

Oreck designs our core vacuum bags to fit almost any of our new models, so there’s a good chance your old bags will fit as well.

Does the vacuum have attachments?

Most families use the upright 85 percent% of the time, so we don’t like to put extra weight on our uprights. We recommend our compact canisters for above ground cleaning. This allows you to use the right tools for the right jobs, much like how mowing and weed-eating are two separate tasks that require separate tools.

Can I make payments?

We offer 12- month, interest- free financing right in our stores.

Can I try it out at home?

Yes!  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new Oreck – that’s why we offer a 30-day money- back guarantee. So, try it at home, worry- free!

How do I know this vacuum will last?

Most of our vacuums come with Free Tune-ups. We simply ask you bring it in once a year for a complete check up. We’ve been taking care of our customers for 50 years, and it is not a surprise to see our vacuums last 10 to 18 years.