About Us

How We Started

David Oreck began listening to the needs of vacuuming consumers in the late 1950s. In a time when vacuum cleaners were made mostly of heavy materials, he cut the total weight for ease of use while improving the overall function.

The customer response was incredible and the Oreck brand became a household name very quickly.

By the mid 1980’s Tom Oreck and Mike Eiermann began opening retail stores in Houston and Dallas, Texas to meet consumers’ needs with a light weight easy to use vacuum. With the philosophy of educating, demonstrating and executing a level of service above all the rest, the company grew. They started in Houston, then opened stores in the Dallas area.

Why David’s Vacuum?

Keeping in pace with tradition, which includes superior products and stellar customer experiences in our stores, we now operate 55 stores in 10 states. We have recognized that change is sometimes necessary to make sure that we are meeting the current needs of customers. Recently, our store concept is evolving to a store that offers brands of vacuums that out-perform and outlast other brands while keeping your home cleaner and your family healthier.

You can expect one of our clean home experts to meet you in the parking lot or at the door with a smile and warm welcome in to our now, David’s Vacuums Clean Home Center. With more options and advances in technology our experts will discover your needs, show and demonstrate the products that are right for you and your home and we will take care of that vacuum for you for many years to come. Servicing your vacuum once a year to keep it running in tip top shape is important to us!

Great experience—so nice to deal with someone who knows the products and takes time to answer my questions. Will never buy a vacuum from anywhere else.


Over and above! I should have posted this review months ago but I wanted to share that Tony went way out of his way to help me be a satisfied customer. The store is not in a convenient location for my house unfortunately so when I got my vacuum back this last go around and it still had issues I was just removing my Christmas tree. There were needles everyone. When I tried my newly repaired vacuum it was without a bag and still not working. I had company coming over soon after. Tony was kind enough to bring the loaner by my house on his way home on New Year’s Eve about 5. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Thanks Tony!! He’s also talked me through some many frustrations relating to my vacuum. In the end I do like my Oreck and fingers crossed I am now good to go!


I have been shopping at the Oreck store in the Woodlands for years. Not only are the products great, the customer service is top notch. Kyle, the manager, is very knowledgeable and great to work with. The best customer service that I have ever come across. He really loves what he is doing and wants to help his customers!!!