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Oreck® Magnesium® RS Vacuum

The Oreck® Magnesium® RS vacuum is the lightest full-powered upright vacuum cleaner in America. The super-fast roller brush is so powerful it feels self-propelled. The Oreck® Magnesium® RS’s easy-to-maneuver SlimSwivel™ design allows you to easily vacuum around furniture, and the wireless two-speed QuickSwitch® on the handle makes it ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces in your home without having to stop or bend over. The Oreck® Magnesium® RS is built to last with a magnesium frame stronger and lighter than many types of steel. My Oreck Store offers a seven-year warranty.


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Lightweight uprights and convenient hand-held vacuums… or a power-team combo for clean made easy.

Air Purifiers

Oreck’s Truman Cell® air purifiers capture dust, allergens and more from the air that passes through its filter, pulling them out of the air like a magnet.

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Make your ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and hardwood floors look like new with Oreck floor machines.

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Cleaning solutions for every room in your home.

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Replacement parts for all Oreck products.