Last week, I bought the Orbiter. The wood floors, a piece of cake. Oh my gosh, it glides so easily, and it cleans it so nicely.

Ann Arbor, MI

Last week, I bought the Orbiter. I’m going to tell you, the carpet, it’s amazing, amazing, amazing.

Ann Arbor, MI

I just wanted to thank the nice people at the Maplewood, Minnesota, store. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly. I will look to buy any vacuums in the future from you. Thanks.

Oakdale, MN

I brought my 14-year-old Oreck in for a repair. Bill was a lifesaver and worked a miracle to help bring my machine back from the grave. Thanks again, Bill!

Kingwood, TX

Had a very good experience working with your employee Heidi from the Madison, Wisconsin, Odana Road store. She was very helpful and friendly, showing great customer service.

Sun Prairie, WI

Joe Milano, the store manager at McKnight Road, Pennsylvania, was fantastic!!! Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and wonderful personality! Excellent service!! Congratulations and thank you.

Cheswick, PA

My wife vacuumed a long piece of material into the Oreck XL motor. We decided that we would have to bite the bullet and take it into the Beverly Hills, Michigan, store for repair. Anthony Schneidt took one look at it, took it to the back room, worked on it for about five minutes, and then I heard him testing it. He brought it out and refused payment. And with service like that, I'll be an Oreck man for life.

Royal Oak, MI

Yesterday was the first time I had ever been to an Oreck store. When I walked in, I was greeted immediately by Meghan. She showed me different vacuum options, and she also told me about your air purifiers and how I need one with all of my allergies and my two labs. I thought Oreck only sold vacuum cleaners. I wasn't aware of everything you did have. The customer service alone was amazing. Thank you for your hard work and excellent service!

Marietta, GA