Repairs & Maintenance


Free Annual Tune-Ups

Find out how you can receive free annual tune-ups with your Oreck vacuum or see our vacuum tune-up special for ALL makes and models.

The tune-up of your Oreck vacuum will include:

• Replacing worn or damaged seals
• Checking the drive belt
• Replacing the inner bag
• Checking the roller brush bearings
• Cleaning the roller brush
• Polishing the commutator (motor shaft)
• Checking all electrical connections
• Cleaning the housing and base plate
• Cleaning the inside of the outer bag and bag dock

Repair or Tune Up Your Vacuum at My Oreck Store

Need a repair?
No matter which vacuum brand you own, My Oreck Store can and will repair it. Most vacuums are repaired in less than a week. We even provide warranty work on all Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck models. See why our customers love our personal repair service today!

Time to tune up!
Vacuums have a dirty job. They suck up grime, hair, toys, socks, and everything else on your floors. These things wear down the seals inside your vacuum. By having your vacuum serviced once a year, you’ll get more life out of your vacuum, not to mention better performance and a cleaner home. Plus, we offer affordable tune-up packages and special promotions. My Oreck Store makes having a happy vacuum easier than ever.